10 small good deeds

small good deeds zehn kleine gute taten

Everyone of us knows the feeling, to give somebody a treat with a small gesture. Often it doesn´t need that much, to handle it.

That´s why here you can find our “10 small good deeds”, for everyone.

These deeds have to be simple and achievable for everyone. Thank you very much for all your submissions and suggestions. Please understand, that we were not able to use all of them.

  1. Give a smile to another person.
  2. Listen carefully to another person.
  3. Hold the door open for someone.
  4. Sit down to a homeless person and give him your time with a talk.
  5. Send a letter to a friend you haven´t seen for a while.
  6. Help an old person with ordinary stuff like go grocery shopping.
  7. Offer an older person your seat in the bus or in the train.
  8. Give a warm drink or something to eat to a homeless person.
  9. Give somebody instructions in something.
  10. Donate your old clothes.