We are a community that creates more humanity through good deeds in our daily lives. With global networking, we inspire each other, and create a WE that activates and motivates itself.


Through small acts in daily life we ​​not only make people happy but also create a positive experience, surprises and more humanity. We do not just talk about it, we do it! In short: We spread Japyness.


It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are or what religion you belong to. Our actions focus on the people. You can take part in it with very simple means and become part of our community.


A good deed not only makes the helped person happy but also the person who is helping. Doing good makes happy. No single person can make our world a better place in just one day. But the sum of many individual acts has the power to set the wheels in motion. Let’s ensure more humanity together!

What does be japy stand for

be japy Gründer founder 2014 Offenburg

„Be japy“ is an artificial word and consists of the four initials of the four founders Julian, Andreas, Peter, and Yannik. We put the word „be“ in front to emphasize that each and everyone can become a part of our community! Additionally, „japy“ sounds similar to „happy“ and shall inspire others through little gestures to do something good themselves.