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Winter is coming. This is the toughest season for homeless people on the street. Knitten caps and scarves with a small message are a small deed for homeless people during the hard season.

If you feel like knitting, you can try it out and knit caps and scarves and give it to a person in need. In Europe winter is very cold and knitten stuff is very helpful for the homeless. In other parts of the world you can decorate your tree with other things, like sanitary products. Not only knitten stuff is helpful for the homeless.

Of course you can also support us without knitting skills. As the knitted caps und scarves has to be delivered, we need treekeepers in different cities. They are responsible for the a tree and can receive knitting things from other people. You can get more information in our video.

Still any questions? Feel free to ask via E-Mail 🙂

Taking part

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  • Knit caps and scarves, maybe you will get support of your grandparents 🙂
  • Activate your friends and family for knitting
  • Send your knits to the treekeepers or make your own Charitree. Please find the addresses of the treekeepers in our map.

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  • Become a treekeeper to be responsible for a tree in your city
    • You are the manager and contact person for your tree
    • You will get knits for your tree from other community members.
  • Share your location and get your own pin on our map with your tree
  • You will get an exclusive be japy-fanpackage

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  • Like our Facebook-Page and share our charitree-posts with your friends
  • Inspire the whole community and people on the streets.

Where is the next tree?

Center map

A great project from last winter.


It´s so great to both inspire other people with your action and to do good with it. In the best case, people will imitate it.

A wonderful example is Herwig, who managed a tree for the homeless in Munich, Germany. The response was amazing, even German television broadcasted a short clip of it. Maybe that was one of the reasons, why Herwig will decorate a tree this winter again.


You need help with your tree or with your knits?

Let´s develop a whole forest out of one charitree, to support homeless people in the cold winter period. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

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