Exciting summer is ahead

Bild Pitch Hamburg Impact Lab

Hamburg we´re coming

Last week we had a pitch in Hamburg at Social Impact Lab and received a scholarship together with three other social projects. We’ll get professional mentoring for the upcoming months. This will be hard work, but also a big experience. We are looking forward to the exciting time in Hamburg.



Coming and going…

new member of be japy Lukas
new member of the organizing team: Lukas

Be japy exists now for nearly a year, which was really turbulent. We still can´t believe what happened the last 12 months. Though, the time is running, and our studies come to an end. Yannik and Julian are scattered all around Germany because of their bachelor thesis, that ́s why they won ́t make the trip to Hamburg. But there is a new member of be japy. His name is Lukas, he is also almost finished with his study and can help us with his knowledge.




Invitation to a big tv show in Germany

Next month we are invited to a German TV show, where projects such as be japy will be presented. A big thank you for this invitation. This is going to be great :-).

We are really excited about the future and looking forward to great ideas and much power! We will keep you in touch 😉