Knitting for the homeless

be japy Stricken für Obdachlose

With a little effort, a single thread can become something very useful and beautiful.

As winter is the toughest time of the year for homeless people, we originated the idea of  “Knitting for the homeless”.

Togehter with you, we´re gonna knit wool caps and scarves for homeless people. The great thing is that anybody of you can become part of the action. Either you knit something yourself and send it to us (please find our address in the description), or you may give away your home-knitted pieces directly to some homeless in your city.

Everyone of us knows exactly the feeling of unwrapping a gift and that is the kind of wonderful moment we want to pass on to people who are less fortunate than us.

You are welcome to support us with a donation so that we can buy wool for our japy knitters.


adress for finished knits:

Hochschule Offenburg
Stichwort: be japy e.V. – room A004
Badstraße 24
D-77652 Offenburg