This was JAPYDAY 2014

JAPYDAY be japy Freiburg

We received many many short videos and photos from all around the world. Food was distributed in Mexico, positive messages in Germany and a wheeled walker was handed over in South Africa – to just name a few. The highlights of all events are summarized in this video.

Us, the japy team, chose to visit a nursing home in Freiburg. Equiped with cake, a camera, a printer and greeting cards, we spent a nice afternoon with the residents. We shared nice conversations, listened to interesting stories and designed nice greeting cards. All photos that were taken on this afternoon were printed and were, together with a personal message, sent out to the families and friends of the residents.

Thank you so much for your participation, we are already looking forward to the next jaypday.


Announcement of the JAPYDAY 2014

Every single one of us has the ability to change something. Why not begin in your home town? Be creative and start thinking about how you can make this world a little bit better. Share your vision and your ideas with the whole community by posting it with #japyday on our Facebook page.

This way, we can both inspire and learn from each other.

On August 30, 2014 you can have your unique and personal moment by launching your project. If you like, feel free to document your event with a short movie or a few photos. By sharing it with #japyday, we can all share this unique moment with you. We will then summarize all submitted short videos in a movie which will remind us all that by working together, we can make change happen.



Please observe the following rules for the #japyday:

  1. To give can be nicer than to receive – enjoy helping others.
  2. You are responsible for your event. It is therefore important to treat all your fellow human beings with respect.
  3. Make sure to not exploit anybody
  4. If you plan on recording your event, please ask for permission
  5. Inspire others
  6. Be proud of yourself!
  7. Have an unforgettable #japyday