This was the JAPYDAY 2015

Japyday logo 2015

This year´s JAPYDAY showed once again, that people all over the planet are able to move something, to help other people in need. Many different ideas have been accomplished, and once again we´ve been surprised which beautiful content was created. Especially small gestures created a big impact.

In this year´s JAPYDAY-Highlight-Video we put together different videos and actions.

For our own JAPYDAY action we painted an apartment for a family of refugees, together with them. It was a great experience and we swapped thoughts about what is the best (and the fastest) way to paint the walls. 🙂

We can´t thank you enough for all submissions and actions for the JAPYDAY 2015! Once again we are overwhelmed about the helpfulness all over the world!

T H A N K   Y O U !