Summer News

summer news be japy japyday hamburg

It has been an eventful summer with quite a lot news and experiences.

First of all we have settled here in Hamburg and get used to this wonderful city with all its beauty and Nordic mentality 🙂


This year´s August fully stood under the sign of the JAPYDAY 2015 on 29th August. Therefore we had to prepare a lot of things in advance, to make this day to an unbelievable experience. In July, we already started with the research for a support for the JAPYDAY-Shirts, which we´ve wanted to send out to all the people around the world who participated in the JAPYDAY. Therefore we got once more the support from Wolfgang Panter and DP Solutions , who donated over 100 shirts. Also we got a donation of a packet full of be japy buttons from Peter Kraus and his company B.H. Mayer´s IdentitySign, just as the support of Manfred Zimmermann and his company ZIMA Werbemittel GmbH. He supported us with a lot of be japy pens 🙂

We have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all these supporters for the JAPYDAY 2015!

The JAPYDAY 2015 was a great success! Here you can watch a report of it, including our own JAPYDAY action.

Social Impact Lab & Upgrade Your World

Finally halftime has come in our scholarship at the Social Impact Lab Hamburg. In the end of September there´s the Mid-Term-Pitch, were we´re going to present our progress and our goals for the upcoming four months (e.g. memberships, the big knitting-project and merchandising) to a jury.

Currently we are taking part in the Microsoft competition Upgrade Your World. It´s running until 23th September. People can vote online (Facebook, Twitter) for their favorite Non-Profit organization in Germany. The five NPO´s with the most votes will get 50.000$.