Thank you Marc for the website

Schriftzug Danke Marc. Danksagung von be japy an den Webdesigner Marc Troendle

In the beginning of August, Marc wrote us an email with a generous offer, to develop us a homepage for free. Marc is web and screen designer from Freiburg. At this time we were preparing the #JAPYDAY. Two weeks later we met in a café and discussed the requirements and the rough contentual structure of the page. He designed the page himself and it paid off. He has programmed so fast that we weren´t able to write all the content just in time.

Marc, we thank you so much for your support and are looking forward to the new, digital home of be japy.

We can warmly recommend Marc as a partner for website projects. Smart, patient and solution-orientated. You can find his further projects on his website.

Marc Tröndle Screen und Webdesign